Custom Order Veils
If you are looking for a special order veil, than we can design any veil with certain specifications just for you.  Please take a look below at our color choices, edges available and width.  *Please note that these veils are Custom Order and considered non-refundable.

Please select one of the lengths below to begin your search for your perfect veil:
Color Chart
Edges available:

- Plain with no edging.

Pencil Edge - Very thin corded edge.

Filament - Curls in edge, giving the veil edges a wavy appearance.

Rattail - Thicker corded edge.

Pearl - Pearl beading edge.

1/8", 1/4" or 3/8" ribbon - Satin ribbon edge.

Rhinestone - Mini rhinestone edge.
Lace - Lace edge (not shown).
Edge Chart
Please note that veils and edges come in veil color chosen.  If you would like edges in different color, please specify by email: or call us at 1-800-660-0693.  Not all colors are available for all edges.  If you don't see the type of veil you like here, please call us and we'll be happy to assist you in finding the exact veil for you!
Ever After Bridal Veils
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Our veil colors come in White or Ivory at no additional cost.  Other colors available at a $15.00 charge are:  Diamond White, Sparkle White, Sparkle Ivory and Sparkle Diamond White.

White - Traditional bridal color.  Goes with most white bridal gowns.

Ivory  - A creamy, yellowish off-white.  Goes with most ivory gowns.

Diamond White - An off-white.

Sparkle White, Ivory and Diamond White - Same colors as noted above but with a shimmery tone to them.

Pink - Please see shade below.  *Not available in all veil styles.  Please call us at 1-800-660-0693 to check availability.
Single Tier:

20" - Shoulder length
25" - Elbow length
36" - Fingertip length
72" - Floor length
90" - Chapel length
120" - Cathedral Length
2-Tier: (Two layer)

15" x 20" - Shoulder length
20" x 25" - Elbow length
30" x 36" - Fingertip length
30" x 72" - Floor length
30" x 90" - Chapel length
30" x 120" - Cathedral length
72" Wide Veil
108" Wide Veil
72" wide (standard)
108" wide - (extra wide)